Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thing 17 Online Learning

Well, I have thought and thought and thought...The obivious answer for our library would be do online computer training: e-mail, Internet searching, Word, databases, etc. We currently do not offer any formal computer classes because of lack of staff resources and lack of available computers. While we still would have to address who would teach the courses (perhaps someone from the outside), we are thinking of purchasing wireless laptops specifically for the class, and because we are not limited to space, we could open it up to anyone with a computer at his/her home or office. Another possible use for us would our English as a Second Language Class. That also could be opened up to anybody with a computer. I looked through the websites in Thing 17 and noticed that was not listed. A third thing I thought of would be an online book discussion group. We could have people come in person and others could join us online. Or, we could have one book club in person, and one virtual. My last idea, is to take all the adult programs/lectures each year and have them available online in podcast or YouTube so everybody could partake in them. These the only ideas I could come up with.

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