Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thing 17.2 Harvesting the Bounty

After the last assisgnment, I was ready for a little fun, and found it with Susan V.'s online shopping site LuckyScent, a perfumerie. My favorite perfume is from Penhaligons, Lavandula, a lavender based perfume. I have tried, but have not found anything as good as this. The only thing that comes close was a homemade lavender perfume I bought in Seattle, but the scent didn't last that long. My last bottle broke a while ago, and I am almost out of their hand and body lotion, which is almost as good. I leaped with excitement when I saw I could purchase two samples for $4.oo each, $3.00 shipping and handling instead of a bottle for $125! Well, I purchased those two samples right away. Thank you Susan for sharing this fun site. I certainly benefited from it.

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